To forge a future where every digital entrepreneur excels by adopting effective workflow management techniques, irrespective of their niche, to achieve extraordinary growth, productivity, and overall success.

Innovating in Workflow Management

Welcome to Biz Boost Blueprint, a platform committed to empowering digital entrepreneurs. Our ambition is to become the leading platform for workflow solutions, enabling businesses to operate more efficiently, collaborate more effectively, and experience unprecedented success.

Meet Erika

Hello, I'm Erika!

A certified Project Manager & PMO specialist.

Consider me your go-to expert in Project Management, specifically tailored for Digital Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, and Content Creators. Since diving into project management in 2004, I've been committed to delivering proven strategies and solutions.

Although I might appear to be just another busy mum, this Bathurst-born Aussie, now based in Germany, is on a focused mission: to help you excel in managing the myriad tasks of running your own business.

Simple strategies can indeed be game-changers for your venture.

Here's what I am genuinely about…

Promoting Project Management

  • I'm an advocate for incorporating project management into digital entrepreneurship.
  • I want to share my knowledge to help you become more organised and effective in your business journey.
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Promoting Project Management
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Building a Collaborative Community

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Balancing Life

  • As a mum, I understand the challenges of balancing family, work, and personal interests.
  • I'm here to reassure you that it's perfectly fine to take it one step at a time and that implementing project management methods into your workflow is all about what suits you.
  • Every business is unique and works differently; we all have different energy, interests and love to put into our ventures, I'm all about finding what works for the individual.
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Empowering others

  • Through blogs, webinars, and social media, I aim to empower you to take control of your digital journey, making strategic decisions that benefit your career and personal growth.
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Continuous learning and development

  • Like you, I'm on an unending journey of professional development.
  • I'm committed to staying updated and sharing my insights so that we can improve collectively.
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Whether you're new to the digital world or a seasoned pro, I'm committed to guiding you towards a streamlined and successful future.

If you have questions or ideas, don’t hesitate to reach out.



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